Every Product/Service sold on our website will contain a refund and cancellation policy mentioned specifically for that product/service. We offer various travel-related products and services and every product might have different cancellation/refund policies. And these cancellation and refund policies are provided by the supplier of that service/product. There are some products/servies which are not sold online ant the prices displayed on the website are tentative prices. Such products will not be sold online and customer will enquire and purches those products offline. Cancellation and refund policies for such products will be provided offline.

We are pure agent in every transaction happing between the customer/user of this website and the supplier. We only earn commission/markup/booking fee/convenience fee. In case of every transaction occuring on our website, we are only action as a medium/middle-man.

Products/Servies offered on our website are third-party products and services. We are just a booking engine/platform which allows the users of this website to book/purchase products/services online. Fulfillment of services has to be done by our suppliers.

We reserve the right to deduct our service charge/handling fee/ convenience fee on the refund amount. 

If any airline/hotel/tour company/service provider/supplier fails to provide the refund amount/service to the users of this website then we will not be liable for providing the amount for the service/product.